Graduate Program in Communication Studies

Graduate Program in Communication Studies

Graduate study in Communication Studies at the University of Rhode Island is based on an interdisciplinary philosophy designed to enhance options for graduates. The Department of Communication Studies offers a 30-credit-hour program leading to the Master of Arts degree. In consultation with faculty advisors, students develop a program of studies to foster their developing career needs. The curriculum prepares students interested in establishing or furthering their careers as professionals in communication or related fields such as personnel, business administration, or human services, or for continuing study in a Ph.D. program.

Specializations are offered in interpersonal communication, media studies, organizational communication, and public communication. In consultation with advisors, students prepare for careers in public and private industry, government, or academic areas. Students are encouraged to develop their course plans to foster their evolving career needs. Thus, one might advance specific interests and competencies in areas such as communication technology, social media, conflict management, political media, organizational communication consulting, or public relations. Individual specialties can be developed within each of the four specialization areas.

Graduate courses in Communication Studies are small, interactive classes that average 10-15 students. Graduate classes are offered in the evenings, Monday thru Thursday. Although most courses are taught at the Kingston campus, one to two courses a year are scheduled at the Feinstein College of Continuing Education in Providence.

The graduate faculty in Communication Studies consists of 18 tenure-track faculty with Ph.D.s from prestigious research institutions. The faculty has well-earned reputations as outstanding teachers and productive researchers.

Graduate Teaching Assistantships and other teaching-related support opportunities are offered on a competitive basis.  Applicants must submit their complete application (consisting of: 1) academic transcripts, 2) three letters of reference, 3) a personal statement, and 4) a research-focused paper growing out of an undergraduate class) by March 15th to be included in this review process. Students who are invited to teach must complete 3 semesters (3 credits total) of COM503 (Communication Pedagogy).

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