Alexis Noriega

Major: Film/Media
Hometown: Lodi, NJ

Q: What are you doing after graduation?
After graduating, I was hired as an Associate Producer at Forbes Media. My focus is on overseeing the production and creating videos for both our Main and Breaking News YouTube channels that reaches 200+ million viewers a month. These videos revolve around interviews that cover a wide variety of topics, from breaking news to deep dives into business strategies and so much more. I have had the opportunity to speak with guests such as, Bar Luhrmann, Black Chyna, Pete Buttigieg, and many more. I am the main producer on these videos and operate a live switcher in the studio and edit the final videos. Additionally, I manage our studio schedule and help book guests for interviews. During my time at Forbes, I have produced over 200+ videos and have been instrumental in generating record-breaking months for our video team. 


Q: Describe the process of getting your job.
I found this position through LinkedIn, applied, and was contacted in a matter of weeks. After a phone interview with HR, where I explained my skills and learned more about the role. I was approved to go to the next round of interviews. I then met with the managing producer of the video team, who spoke with me at length about producing and how my skill would fit into and improve their studio workflow. After the approval of the managing producer, I had a meeting with the executive producer to take a deeper look into my qualifications for the role. These interviews allowed me to present the skill I learned in and outside the classroom at Harrington. 


Q: How has Harrington prepared you for your plans?
Anyone in production will tell you that when you first start in this industry, it is extremely intimidating. You need a working background of knowledge that is hard to get without years of experience. Luckily at Harrington, I got to absorb the first-hand experiences of my professors and peers, which allowed me to transition into the professional world with ease. More often than not, I was the youngest person on set with the most experience and the most knowledge. This meant that I was constantly growing and evolving at a rate far ahead of my peer and even those who have been in the industry longer. 


Q: What are you most proud of from your time at URI?
At Harrington, I took part in directing two short films. The first was a piece I wrote and directed that focused on the way micro-aggressions affect women of color. The second was a dramedy that spoke to final transitions in life. Those projects took an extreme amount of effort and creativity that challenged me in ways I never would have imagined. Working with phenomenal crews filled with my classmates, peers, and professional actors was so vital to helping me after graduation. I am so proud to have taken on both those challenges and come out of both with work I am proud to call my own.


Q: What is your favorite Harrington memory?
It’s incredibly hard to nail down a favorite memory at Harrington because I made so many. Whether it was on sets of different films, in every production I ever took, or simply working at the Media Equipment Center, I was creating lifelong memories. I have to say one of my favorite memories was wrapping the short film we made for FLM 445 class. It was late at night, and the entire class was on set and got to clap as we wrapped production on our film. I remember being so proud of the work we did together and could not believe how much fun everyone had that day. I don’t think I will ever forget that experience or that crew. 


Q: Is there anything else you would like to share?
Harrington really gave me the opportunity to shine in ways that I hadn’t before. My professors and peers looked at me as a whole and saw my value and potential even when I couldn’t. I am so grateful to the program for lifting me up and giving me the courage to pursue my career in film and media.