GSLIS Prism Scholarship

Established by W. Michael Havener (GSLIS Director, 1998-2006) with the support of GSLIS faculty and advisory committee members, this annual scholarship provides support for a matriculated GSLIS student committed to serving diverse populations in any type of library or informational service.

To apply for the GSLIS Prism Scholarship, a GSLIS student in good standing should submit to the Admissions and Awards Committee by October 15 a packet including:

  • a cover letter, nominating yourself for the award and highlighting your special qualifications for it;
  • a completed application form and essay;
  • your resume and program of study; and
  • a statement of financial need.

Applications will be evaluated for evidence of academic excellence; commitment to service to diverse populations, as expressed in the application essay; and financial need. Announcement of the award will be made at the GSLIS Annual Gathering.

Send your responses to:

Admissions and Awards Committee
94 West Alumni Avenue, Suite 2
Rodman Hall
University of Rhode Island
Kingston, RI 02881