Salazar, Abran

Abran Salazar

Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

Communication Studies/ Faculty & Staff/ Full Professor/ Graduate/ Undergraduate


University of Iowa, 1991
B.A., M.A.
Eastern New Mexico University, 1986, 1987

Dr. Salazar’s research interests center on the study of communication processes in small group and health contexts. His work on group communication has been concerned with identifying the conditions under which groups are likely to perform well or poorly, and how groups can be used as forums to promote learning, creativity, and individual health. His research in health communication has concentrated on social support networks, particularly how these networks help individuals achieve desired behavioral changes, such as giving up smoking or adhering to diet regimens. He has recently become interested in the role of tacit knowledge in the transmission of cultural values. His research has appeared in Human Communication Research, The Western Journal of Communication, The Southern Journal of Communication, Health Communication, Small Group Research, The Handbook of Group Communication Theory and Research, and elsewhere.

Dr. Salazar joined the University of Rhode Island in the fall of 1999 after having spent the previous eight years at Texas A&M University. He has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in health communication, interpersonal communication, group communication, and social science research methods in communication. In the spring, summer or fall, when not spending time in the classroom, behind the computer, or wrestling with his sons, he can be found on the closest pond, lake or river, kayaking or fly-fishing (or fly-fishing while kayaking ;)). Winters were made for sledding.