Senior Spotlight: Jennifer Horsfield

by Delaney LePage  

For senior communication studies major Jennifer Horsfield, choosing an internship meant finding a company whose message resonated with her. South County Health did just that.

“It’s their message,” Horsfield said. “Helping patients, having respect, collaborating and everything else they stood for made me want to intern there.”

In her role as a marketing communications intern, Horsfield was responsible for completing a variety of day-to-day tasks, such as crafting social posts, drafting a schedule of events to be distributed to patients and other Rhode Island residents, and designing brochures and flyers. She also helped promote and manage hospital events, such as Women’s Wellness Day, which occurred in October.  

Last summer, Horsfield worked in the healthcare field as well, as a communications intern for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island. In this capacity, she created social posts and helped create the revamped Blue Cross Blue Shield of Rhode Island website.

Her advice to underclassmen is to get as much experience as possible to discover what you want to do for your future career.

“I think that having an internship is not only about gaining experience in what you want to do, but also learning what you don’t want to do,” Horsfield said. “I credit the Harrington School and my field experience as helping me learn that I like what I am studying.”

Upon her graduation in May, Horsfield plans to find a job in marketing and communications.