Alumni Spotlight: Alexa Tombs ’16

A typical day for Alexa Tombs, class of URI ’16, is ever-changing. Alexa graduated from the University of Rhode Island only 3 short years ago with a Bachelor of Arts in public relations. Since that time, she has been working at Warner Bros Pictures in New York City. Recently appointed to the new position of Publicity Coordinator, Tombs handles around 12 to 15 films per year – working on each detail for the films’ releases. These films include titles you may have heard about including “Aquaman” and “A Star is Born.” Alexa also works to book her talent clients (AKA, the actors) on talk shows, magazine covers, newspaper articles, online features, and handles all of their itinerary, which includes their schedules and flight information.

Alexa grew up watching her two older sisters work in the entertainment industry, which is why she was excited to join the entertainment world. After securing an internship at Warner Bros., she was later given the opportunity to hold a full-time post-grad position.

When asked what skills she believes Harrington students and all recent graduates need to succeed in PR, Tombs quickly answered.

“Multi-tasking and time management,” Tombs said. “Right away, students must know what to work on and what to do, specifically in the field of PR. For interns and internships, stay in contact with as many people as you can at the company. It is important to reach back out to them and know when the right time is.”

Tombs encouraged students to make the most of their college experience to prepare for entering the real world.

“Keep learning at URI,” Tombs said, “ and taking courses that challenge you.”