Looking Back at Our Year

This year, the Harrington School offered a variety of events to our students. Here are some of our favorite events this year.

Kathleen McGrory and Neil Bedi

This spring, ProPublica reporters Kathleen McGrory and Neil Bedi spoke to students at the second annual Taricani Lecture titled “Finding the Truth: Investigative Journalism in the Digital Era.” McGrory and Bedi discussed their approach to researching and reporting stories in the modern news industry. The reporters also took the time to meet with Harrington students after the lecture and answer their questions.


Ranger Hall, the home of the Harrington School, has been under renovation since 2015. This summer, construction on the second, third and fourth floors was completed. These renovations added more active learning classrooms, computer labs and many other resources for students.

To celebrate the completion of the construction, the Harrington School hosted a commencement ceremony featuring President Marc Parlange, CNN Anchor and Chief National Correspondent John King, and the namesake of the school Richard Harrington. After the ceremony, our students, alumni, donors and faculty were able to see the updated space, and some students had the opportunity to network and share their experiences with our Executive Advisory Council members. 


Jane Ferguson

This year’s Christiane Amanpour Lecture featuring Jane Ferguson invited community members to learn about war reporting. The lecture, “Humanity in War Reporting: Bringing Authentic, Individual Experiences of War into Conflict Journalism,” explored how reporters can and should properly tell the stories of people during conflicts. Students had the opportunity to meet Ferguson before her lecture and ask their questions.

When our students weren’t attending classes or events, some were able to take trips to enrich their Harrington experience.

Three journalism students and editors of the Good Five Cent Cigar, Maddie Bataille, Liz Fusco and Juliana Lepore, joined Dr. Kothari for the Online News Associations annual conference in California. The student journalists attended four days of events and networked with journalists to gain a better understanding of the modern news industry and bring it back to the paper. They also spent time sightseeing in Los Angeles, including a stop at the Hollywood sign and a guided tour of Paramount Studios.

We are so excited about what is to come in 2023! We have many events and other opportunities planned for our students.