2022 Updates and Announcements

Ranger Hall Reopening- Fall 2022

We are excited to announce that phase two of the Ranger Hall renovation will be completed over the summer and the building will open for students in Fall 2022! This exciting project marks the complete overhaul of Ranger Hall and brings many innovative spaces to the Harrington School, including a Film Production Lab, a Social Media Lab, computer editing labs, and additional active learning classrooms. An official opening ceremony is scheduled for October 2022.

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Team Teaching:

Faculty across the Harrington School have worked together on three-team teaching initiatives to begin Fall 2022. These courses will bring students together across disciplines and focus on essential skills for the workplace. The first is “Narrative Fiction Practicum/Practicum in Public Relations,” led by Keith Brown, Sarah Daly-Van Oot, and Nick Corsano. This course centers on a single large-scale film project and PR campaign and allows film students to develop their production skills, while PR students will further develop their campaign skills in various mediums. All the students will learn to work collaboratively as a team, an essential skill for the 21st-century workplace. The second is “Applied Communication for Science and the Environment,” led by Emily Diamond and Jason Jaacks. The course will include undergraduate and graduate students from various academic disciplines and engage them in theoretical and practical skill development in science communication. And the third, “Ocean Storytelling,” led by Ammina Kothari, Nick Corsano, Heather Johnson, and Richard Vevers, will focus on introducing students to interdisciplinary storytelling focusing on ocean-related topics.

Sports Broadcasting

Over the past year, the Harrington School built on the early success of its new, highly popular, and fast-growing Sports Media and Communication program. In partnership with the Athletics Department, Harrington School of Communication and Media produced live television broadcasts of over 60 campus athletic events, including football, men’s and women’s basketball, volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, baseball, and softball. The games were broadcast on ESPN+ and Cox Yurview. The production crews were staffed almost entirely by URI students, who received valuable hands-on experience in every aspect of live sports television production, both in front of the camera and behind the camera, to complement their classroom learning.

European Union Sponsorship

Norbert MundorfIan ReyesProfessors Norbert Mundorf and Ian Reyes have received sponsorship from the European Union to participate in an interdisciplinary study on the Legitimation of Newness and its Impact on the EU Agenda for Change, based at Aalborg University in Denmark. Their project is designed to create a substantial, path-breaking direction for studying newness in seemingly opposing social and ethical settings. It entails exploring innovative ways of thinking about sustainability and ways organizations and society at large can understand risk and embrace change processes. Congratulations to Professors Mundorf and Reyes for this exciting opportunity.