Alumni Spotlight: Brigid Corcoran

By Taylor Stickles

Most undergraduates fear graduation and the job search that comes along with it. Brigid Corcoran, ‘17, felt the same stress and worry many seniors feel during their final semester of college. However, Corcoran was able to secure an internship at Worldways Social Marketing during her senior year, which led to a full-time position after graduation.

Worldways Social Marketing is a social marketing agency based in Newport, RI. Unique from other public relations agencies, Worldways’ clients are organizations that work for the betterment of people and the environment.

Corcoran found her passion in nonprofit work by interning at the Domestic Violence Resource Center in South County and with the South County Circle where she helped with social media and public relations campaigns. The summer after her junior year, she interned at the Ronald McDonald House near her home in Syracuse, NY.

Corcoran met Mark Marosits, her future boss and the co-founder of Worldways, through a Harrington Advisory Board meeting.

“Always make a lasting impression and stay in touch with people,” Corcoran said.

It was doing just that that helped her land her first internship with Worldways Social Marketing.

Corcoran stressed that she loves working at an organization that helps nonprofits grow and market their organizations.

“I always come into work with a good mindset and leave at the end of the day feeling good about what I do,” Corcoran said.  

As for undergraduates stressed about the upcoming job search, Corcoran offered some helpful advice.

“Always put yourself out there to everyone you meet and try to make a connection with them,” Corcoran said. “You never know what opportunities may come out of it.”