Alumnus Creates Unique Scholarship For Students

Thanks to an incredibly generous gift from Jonathan Herman ’99, students who have unfortunately lost a parent either before or during their studies at URI are now eligible for scholarships from the Arthur and Helen Herman Scholarship Fund, named for Jonathan Herman’s parents, both of whom passed on while Jonathan was very young.

Adam Roth, interim director of the Harrington School of Communication and Media, could not be more thrilled with this gift and the impact it will have on our students. “It’s a beautiful gesture from a wonderful human being and loyal advocate and supporter of the Harrington School.” He went on to say that “there are more students than you would think who have lost a beloved parent at a young and vulnerable age. We are excited to begin awarding these scholarships to those students, many of whom may have tremendous financial need.”

The scholarship was established in Spring 2017 and the first of three awards was made that semester. Additional awards will be made each semester thereafter. Students from any program in the Harrington School are eligible to apply. Please contact if you might be eligible for future awards.

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