Nikki Noya ’00

  • Co-host, "The Jet Set" and Vice President, Dress For Success Miami


Nikki Noya ’00 is a healthy living expert that believes a strong, confident body will provide benefits for a lifetime. She is a certified personal trainer, wellness coach, former professional volleyball player and is now the Co-host of TV’s first travel talk show, “The Jet Set.” Nikki’s nickname on her volleyball teams was 6′ of sunshine and that continues to be her calling card. She is Vice president of Dress For Success Miami and is also Mrs. Miami 2017/18.

Traveling is another of Nikki’s passions. Volleyball has taken her all over the world and fostered a love of learning about new cultures through food, music, dancing, art or by simply walking around to explore. Nikki has a natural, easy smile that makes everyone around her feel calm, welcome and empowered.

Through her fitness and athletic careers, Nikki has parlayed her love of health and adventure into media appearances. She started doing health and wellness segments on CNN and The Jet Set in her popular “Fit to Fly” segments. An opportunity to become the Co-host of the Jet Set came about and now she is sharing her ALOHA spirit nationwide and in 11 countries! Nikki and her husband Ken live in Coral Gables with their daughter Samantha and Rescue Dog Luka.