Dick Harrington ’73, H’02

  • Chairman Emeritus of the Council, Keeeb, Inc.


Having transformed Thomson Reuters from a diverse holding company into the leading global provider of digital information – the 10th largest media company in the world – Richard J. Harrington (Dick) is a legendary success in the world of business. He knows how to make transformational change. Now, he’s helping to create a school of national distinction through his generosity and clear vision for what the Harrington School of Communication and Media can become.

Dick started his career in a family business and as a CPA with Arthur Young & Co. He understands, from first hand experience how determination, hard work, and knowledge can take an individual to great heights.

Over the 11 years of his CEO leadership of Thomson, he quadrupled cash flow and tripled market value of the company. Additionally, he has led more than $30 billion in transactions, with the most recent and most visible acquisition for Thomson being Reuters in April 2008. During his career, he has received many honors, including the “Legend in Leadership” award from Yale University and the “CEO of the Year” award from the Executive Council, both awarded in 2007. He is the Chairman of the Thomson Reuters Foundation and serves on the boards of directors for Xerox Corporation, Aetna, MiniLuxe, and the Norwalk Community College Foundation. Currently, he’s the chairman and general partner of Cueball, a Boston-based venture capital group.


Heart, Smarts, Guts, Luck With his colleagues Anthony Tjan and Tsun-Yan Hsieh, Dick published Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck, a book that examines the personal qualities that surface again and again in those who successfully achieve their goals.

Harvard Business Review March 2008: Transforming Strategy One Customer at a Time. The article examines how a customer driven strategy approach can be applied to drive transformative growth and examines Thomson as a case study.