Ashley Kuhar ’14, M.B.A. ’18

  • Senior Communications Specialist at FM Global


Ashley graduated in 2014 with a double major in Communication Studies and Public Relations and a minor in Business. She also earned an M.B.A. from URI in May of 2018. She joined FM Global in June of 2014 as a production coordinator and has quickly advanced to senior communications specialist. As an undergraduate student at URI, Ashley served as a Harrington Ranger, URI 101 mentor, teaching assistant, and co-president and treasurer of the Public Relations Student Society of America. She sought ways to build community within the Harrington School by recruiting prospective students, talking to parents, and collaborating with current students. Her involvement and dedication didn’t stop when she marched across the Quad in 2014. In addition to her growing career at FM Global and her graduate studies, she has continued to serve on the Harrington School Executive Advisory Board, mentoring students and helping them to succeed as she has.