Ammina Kothari


Ammina Kothari is the director of the Harrington School of Communication and Media and a professor in Journalism. Before joining the University of Rhode Island, Kothari was an associate professor of communication and the Graduate Program Director of Communication MS in the School of Communication at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her interdisciplinary research explores the role of technology in transforming communication and journalism practices. Her research is often grant-funded and in April 2021, Kothari was one of the recipients of the Eisenhart Award for Outstanding Teaching, RIT’s highest honor for tenured faculty.


AI and newsrooms, data ethics, gender and media, global communication, media literacy, mobile health, media representations and social media.


Ph.D. Mass Communication, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

M.A. Communication and Society, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR

B.A. Print Journalism and English, North Central College, Naperville, IL

Selected Publications

  • Tewari, S, Zabounidis, R, Kothari, A, Bailey, R, and Alm, C. (2021). “Perceptions of Human and Machine Generated Articles.” Digital Threats: Research and Practice.(1-16)
  • Ehmer, E and Kothari, A. (2020). “Malaysia and the Rohingya: Media, Migration, and Politics.” Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies. (1-16).
  • Kothari, A, Godleski, S, and Abu, B. (2020). “Mobile-based consortium of parenting resources for low-income and underserved mothers and caregivers: App development, testing and lessons learned.” Health and Technology, (10) 1603-1608.
  • Godleski, S, Abu, B and Kothari, A. (2020). “A qualitative needs assessment and analysis of perceptions of a mobile health app for low-income, at-risk mothers.” Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science.
  • Kothari, A and Hickerson, A. (2020). “Challenges for Journalism Education in the Era of Automation.” Journal of Media Practice and Education, 21(3), 212-228.
  • Kothari, A and Tsakarestou, B. (2019). “‘Hack the Camp’: An Entrepreneurial Public Diplomacy and Social Intervention Initiative to Address the Refugee Crisis in Greece.” International Communication Gazette.
  • Godleski, S.A., Harris, C.T., Fitzpatrick, K.M., & Kothari, A. (2022). Social and behavioral
    vulnerability, pregnancy, and negative mental health outcomes in the U.S. during the
    Covid-19 pandemic. AIMS Public Health
  • Kothari, A., Walker, K and Burns, K. (2022). #CoronaVirus and Public Health: The Role of social media in sharing health information” Online Information Review