Harrington Hub Media Equipment Center Equipment Usage Agreement

Please review the HUB Student Handbook before proceeding.


The Patron listed on this form is the only person allowed to check out equipment under their name. This means that no one else may pick up any equipment for any Patron but themselves. Patrons may only check out equipment relevant to their access level.

Patrons must inspect all equipment to be checked out of the HUB Media Equipment center (107 Ranger Hall) before leaving. Inspection includes verifying that the equipment is in good working order and all listed components are present. If something is missing or damaged, notify HUB staff, who will rectify issues on-site.  

Upon completion of inspection, Patrons must sign a form stating that they have verified the working condition of the equipment and the inclusion of all component parts, and assume financial responsibility for all damage or loss incurred while said equipment is in their possession. Once Patrons leave the HUB MEC, all loss or damage assessed by HUB staff upon return is the responsibility of the Patron.

Patrons may check out equipment from the HUB for a limited period of time, and agree to pay late fees upon failure to return equipment before the time specified on their check out. Traffic, illness, not being on campus that day, and other personal issues are not considered valid excuses for tardiness.


Patrons must return equipment to the HUB Media Equipment Center (107 Ranger Hall) by the time it is due as stated by HUB staff, IN THE SAME CONDITION IT WAS CHECKED OUT IN.

Late fees are incurred when equipment is brought back after the time specified on their check out.  Once this time has passed, fines will be assessed by HUB staff according to the following schedule:

Equipment Late Fees – $5 per piece of equipment, per day late. 

Laptop Late Fees – $10 per day.

Patrons with unresolved late fees cannot use the HUB until the fee is paid. Equipment more than one-week late will be reported to campus police as theft.


Patrons are responsible for damaged or lost equipment once it is in their possession.  If a Patron incurs damage/loss to the equipment, they cannot use the HUB until a fee has been paid equal to the repair/replacement cost of the item.

Unresolved damage/loss fees may result in a registration hold for the Patron, and may be reported to campus police. The HUB reserves the right to terminate or suspend access at any time for violations of policy and any damages to or improper usage of equipment.

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