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The story is just the beginning. But it’s where everything starts. It’s why you’re here.

Whether you see yourself in the world of multimedia journalism, corporate communications, documentary film, or in a career that doesn’t yet exist in our rapidly evolving digital communication landscape, it’s always the story that matters. We can’t wait to hear yours.

Harrington Big Thinkers

  • Justin Wyatt Justin Wyatt - Leaving academia for television and then leaving television for academia was always the plan. Justin Wyatt took theory, put it into practice, and then brought his research back to the classroom.
  • Amma Marfo Amma Marfo ’07 - Comic greats like Steve Martin, Garry Shandling and Nora Ephron will tell you all of life is material. Even the bits that seem anything but. Amma Marfo ’07 understands this.

In the News

  • Ellen DeGeneres Show and LA - Harrington School majors have the opportunity for a trip of a lifetime and the chance to go behind the scenes of a popular daytime talk show.
  • Woody Harrelson poses for a photo with URI students Woody Harrelson Charms URI Students at Film Screening - The actor Woody Harrelson had plenty to say about his new film, “Lost in London,” during a screening at the University of Rhode Island recently, but he was mum on his latest venture: a role in the new Star Wars movie.

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