Writing and Rhetoric B.A.


Degree Requirements

120 credits total required for graduation

  • at least 30 credits (maximum 51 credits) must be in the major; at least 15 credits from the major must be in courses 300 or above
  • at least 42 credits (of the 120 total) must be in courses numbered 300 or above

Required core courses

  • WRT 201: Writing Argumentative and Persuasive Texts
  • WRT 235: Digital Writing and Rhetoric
  • WRT 360: Rhetoric for Writing Majors
  • WRT 404: (304) Writing for Community Partners *
  • WRT 495: Advanced Digital Writing and Rhetoric

* For students enrolled pre-2019-20, the core requirement is WRT490, for students who enter URI in Fall 2019 or later, the core requirement is WRT404.

Some popular 300-level elective courses include

  • WRT 302: Writing Culture
  • WRT 303: Public Writing
  • WRT 305: Travel Writing
  • WRT 306: Writing Health and Disability
  • WRT 331: Writing Public Relations
  • WRT 332: Technical Writing
  • WRT 334: Science Writing
  • WRT 353: Issues and Methods in Writing Consultancy
  • WRT 383: Field Experience with Writing Rhode Island

Minor Option

The minor in Writing and Rhetoric requires you to complete 18 credits from courses currently eligible to count toward the major. Please consult with your advisor if you’re interested in declaring a minor.