Writing and Rhetoric B.A.


Employers across sectors consistently rank writing as the most essential skill of potential employees. Whatever career you wish to pursue, a major in Writing and Rhetoric will help you get there.

The Harrington School of Communication and Media’s Writing and Rhetoric Program boasts a groundbreaking technology-infused curriculum that prepares creative professional changemakers for today’s workforce. Our program trains writers to produce a broad array of forms, such as podcasts, advertisements, digital stories, virtual reality productions, newsletters, social media, white papers, websites, technical manuals, proposals, blogs, videos, and infographics.

You will work with leading-edge scholars, teachers, and industry experts on real-world projects that hone your writing, design, and production skills, as well as your ability to negotiate and persuade, collaborate, and solve problems. Our graduates are prepared for the burgeoning fields of professional and technical writing and content creation, and to be more effective communicators in a host of other industries.

Why Writing and Rhetoric at the Harrington School?

  • Award-winning teachers and researchers, as well as industry experts
  • Small classes that facilitate extensive one-on-one feedback and coaching
  • Focus on production-centered writing that gets things done
  • Commitment to equity, inclusion, and justice in research and teaching
  • Extensive opportunities to work with real-world clients
  • Creative, flexible curriculum design

“This is a community of people who want to help connect your particular goals and interests to the skills needed to communicate effectively. I guarantee that what you learn in Writing and Rhetoric applies to anything else you do as a job, hobby, or otherwise. Writing and Rhetoric helps students find their voice.”
Zoe Comingore ’18