Sports Media

This interdisciplinary program in Sports Media and Communication exposes you to historical, critical, analytical, practical, and professional approaches to sports media and communication. When you complete the program, you’ll know how to to critically and effectively evaluate, analyze, and produce sports media and communication products using a variety of technologies and media, from your voice for broadcasting to social media platforms for advertising.

With a focus on the interdisciplinary nature of the sports media and communication industry, you complete a wide variety of courses that develop and harness your skills and help launch your sports media and communication career. In order to bridge academic instruction with the professional world, you are expected to complete an internship on or off campus. Many of these internships can be completed on campus through our partnerships with URI Athletics, WRIU radio station, and the Good 5 Cent Cigar newspaper and sportscast. Others are completed with our sports media partners, from the NBA and ESPN, to the Boston Bruins and Boston Red Sox. Whether you want to be a sports reporter, sports broadcaster, sports marketing, advertising, and sales representative, this is the program for you.

In the program, you will also have ample opportunities to meet with distinguished alumni working in the sports industry as reporters, broadcasters, anchors, advertisers, public relations specialists, announcers, film producers, and more.