Sports Media and Communication B.A.


To transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences with a major in sports media and communication, you must achieve a C or better in COM 100, have a 2.0 GPA, and 24 earned credits.

A total of 120 credits is required for graduation. At least 42 of these must be in courses numbered 300 or above. You must maintain a 2.00 grade point average in your major to meet graduation requirements.

The program requires a minimum of 30 credits (maximum 45) in the major, including:

Required Core Courses

  • COM 203: Introduction to Sports Media and Communication
  • COM 204: Introduction to Sports Broadcasting
  • COM 385: Crossover: Sports Communication Research
  • PRS 360: Strategic Sport Communication and Media
  • SMC 220: Sports Media
  • SMC 303: Sports, Media, & Culture
  • A 3-credit internship experience in COM, JOR, FLM, PRS 477 or ITR 302 (ITR internships require advisor approval)

The remaining 9 credits can be selected from any of the approved electives, however students are encouraged to select courses from the following recommended sequences of electives in the following three areas:

Sports culture, media and society:

  • COM 246: New Media and Society
  • COM 346: Social and Cultural Aspects of Media
  • COM 414: The Rhetoric of Sports in Film
  • COM 441: Race, Class, and Gender in the Media

Sports media production:

  • COM 307: Audio Communication in the Media
  • COM 341: Documentary Pre-production
  • COM 342: Documentary Production
  • COM 344: The Athlete: Short Films
  • JOR 221: Multimedia Reporting
  • JOR 325: Sports Writing
  • JOR 415: Perspectives on Reporting
  • JOR 430: Advanced Television News
  • FLM 110: Introduction to Film Media Production Technologies
  • FLM 220: Topics in Intermediate Film Production
  • FLM 351: Topics in Film Media Production
  • FLM 444: Advanced Topics in Documentary Film Media Production

Strategic sports communication and information:

  • COM 340: Electronic Media Programming
  • COM 445: Media Advertising
  • COM 447: Entertainment Media Research
  • PRS 300: Social Media Strategies for the PR Professional
  • PRS 320: Strategic Media Relations
  • PRS 370: Sports Branding in the Digital Age