Public Relations B.A.

Course Descriptions

PRS100: Introduction to Public Relations

(3 crs.) Examine and explore public relations principles, concepts and emerging trends associated with the role of the PR practitioner. Explore career paths, such as investor relations, community relations, public affairs, and event management. (Lec. 3/Online)

PRS200: Introduction to Event Management

(3 crs.) Explore principles, concepts and emerging trends pertinent to event management, a significant aspect of public relations. Gain an understanding of the synergy that develops between public relations and marketing. (Lec. 3)

PRS300: Social Media Strategies for the PR Professional

(4 crs.) Students will explore principles, concepts and emerging trends relative to the pervasiveness of social media. Will focus on effectively branding and messaging to niche markets. (Lec. 3, Practicum) Pre: Comm Studies and PR majors.

PRS320: Strategic Media Relations

(3 crs.) Explore media relations strategies/tactics (crafting releases, pitching to the media, use of social/traditional media, e.g. twitter) to inform/persuade publics about issues. (Lec. 3) Pre: Students admitted to PR Major and WRT 331.

PRS331: Writing Public Relations

(3 crs.) Cross-list as (WRT), PRS 331. Introduces the audiences, situations, and processes typical of public relations writing. Includes practice with genres including news releases, media kits, speeches, and letters. Emphasizes professional behavior and polished writing. (Lec. 3) Pre: any 200-level WRT course; PR and WRT majors only.

PRS340: Public Relations

(3 crs.) Cross-listed as (PRS), JOR 340. Principles and procedures in public relations: emphasis on role of the public relations practitioner as a specialist in communication; analysis of publications produced as a part of public relations. (Lec. 3/Online) Pre: PR majors or declared minors in the College of Arts & Sciences.

PRS341: Editing For Publication

(3 crs.) Cross-list as (JOR), PRS 341. An introduction to editing for the print media, including newspapers, magazines, and public relations. Focuses on taking work written by others and preparing it for publication. Includes consideration of legal and ethical issues. (Lec. 2, Lab. 2) Pre: junior standing and JOR 220 with a grade of C or better, and major in journalism or public relations, or permission of instructor.

PRS441: Public Relations Practices

(3 crs.) Cross-listed as (PRS), JOR 441. Practical application of traditional PR methods in solving problems in a variety of markets. Explores fundamental agency operations, client-agency relationships. Combines practical experience with individual projects, programs, and campaigns. (Practicum) Pre: PRS 340. Not for graduate credit.

PRS442: Strategic Media Communication

(3 crs.) Cross-listed as (PRS), WRT, COM 442, JOR 443. Introduces strategic media relation tactics when responding to the media, specifically crisis communication situations. Students gain practical experience in various writing and speaking opportunities to effectively work with the media. (Lec. 3) Pre: PRS 340. Open only to majors in Communication Studies, Public Relations, Journalism, and Writing. Not for graduate credit.

PRS490: Practicum in Public Relations

(3 crs.) Supervised field and PR production lab experience. Entails substantial field and client-based activities in the collaborative drafting, design and production of public relations projects. May be repeated for credit up to a maximum of 6 credits. (Prac.) Pre: Permission of the instructor. Not for graduate credit. S/U credit only.

PRS491: Public Relations Internship

(3 or 6 crs.) Supervised experience in public relations. Requires a minimum of 120 hours (3 credits) or 240 hours (6 credits). Weekly class meeting. May be repeated; maximum of 6 credits allowed toward graduation. Pre: public relations majors only; PRS 340. Permission of instructor and application required. Not for graduate credit.