Library and Information Studies


Faculty Advisor

Your faculty advisor will help you plan a program of study and complete the academic requirements for the MLIS degree. Your initial advisor is named in your letter of acceptance, and is a faculty member whose area of expertise corresponds to what we know of your interests and background. Consult with your advisor as early as possible in your first semester, or before registering for elective courses. Your advisor can be reached by telephone or email. You may also request academic advice from other faculty members, including the director. Faculty telephone numbers and e-mail addresses can be found on the Faculty page. Your interests may change, and you may change advisors at any time. For students who wish to switch advisors, submit the Change of Advisor form to the Director in person at Rodman Hall Room 103 or by email to

Graduate School Forms

The Graduate School of Library and Information Studies has recently switched over to the use of electronic forms. This is a requirement of the Graduate School and paper forms are no longer accepted. Any important forms that you will need for the GSLIS graduate program can be found on the Graduate School forms page, including:

  • Program of Study (Note: This form should be completed and reviewed by your faculty advisor prior to submission in your first or second semester. Important: The Graduate School does not accept initial Program of Study forms in a student’s final semester of graduate study.)
  • Request to Change/Add a Degree Program
  • Application for Leave of Absence
  • Graduate School Petition to Appeal the Add or Drop Deadline
  • Prior Approval for Off-Campus Graduate Study
  • Nomination for Graduation

Additional Resources