Library and Information Studies

MLIS Curriculum

Program Requirements

A total of 36 credits is required for the MLIS degree: 15 credits of core courses, and 21 credits of elective classes.

Core courses

  • LSC 502: Lead, Manage & Connect Library and Information Services
  • LSC 504: Searching for Answers: Meeting Users’ Information Needs
  • LSC 505: Organization of Information
  • LSC 508: Introduction to Information Science and Technology *
  • LSC 595: Apply and Reflect (prerequisite: completion of 18 credits or permission of instructor) – this may be repeated for up to 6 credits, however only 3 credits are required for graduation.

*LSC 508 is required only for students beginning the program in Fall 2017 or later.

Optional Tracks

Optional Tracks will have different core courses:

Elective Courses

All students (except those in the School Library Media program) must take 21 credits of electives selected in consultation with an advisor. With the advisor’s approval, 6 elective credits may be taken in courses outside library science but relevant to the student’s specialization.

Other Types of Credit

  • Credit for Courses Taken Prior to Admission:
    Subject to the approval of the GSLIS director and the dean of the Graduate School, up to six credits of GSLIS courses taken prior to admission into the MLIS program may be counted toward the 36 credits required for the degree.
  • Credit for Courses Taken at Other Institutions:
    University rules permit up to 20 percent of the 36 credit program (6 credits) to be made up of transfer credits for courses taken at another accredited institution. Those courses must be at the graduate level equivalent to URI’s 500 level courses and must be relevant to the student’s program of study. Once admitted into the program, students may take relevant courses at other institutions within the 20 percent limitation after obtaining prior approval.