Journalism B.A.


Degree Requirements

120 credits total required for graduation

  • at least 31 credits (maximum 45 credits) must be in the major
  • at least 42 credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above

Required core courses:

  • JOR 115: Foundations of American Journalism
  • JOR 220: Media Writing
  • JOR 221: Multimedia Reporting
  • JOR 310: Media Law for Journalists
  • JOR 410: Ethics in Journalism
  • JOR 411: Senior Portfolio

Additional courses:

  • At least 9 credits from reporting and editing courses
  • At least 3 credits from conceptual courses
    (Please see Curriculum Sheets for specific course options)

Minor Option

The minor in Journalism requires you to complete 18 credits from courses currently eligible to count toward the major. Please consult with your advisor if you’re interested in declaring a minor.