Journalism B.A.


When you study journalism at the Harrington School, you’ll work with expert practitioners and top scholars in the field. You’ll learn the fundamentals of journalistic storytelling along with the ethical and legal responsibilities associated with it. And you’ll have access to the technology you need to express your story in the medium that suits it best, whether that’s television, radio, social media, web, or traditional print publications.

Why Journalism at the Harrington School?

  • Multidisciplinary, hands-on learning
  • Student-directed productions and publications
  • State-of-the-art facilities
“There is a path for students who want to do serious reporting. As the public embraces a renewed sense of the importance of the watchdog role of the journalist, our students will find an audience for their work.”
John Pantalone, Program Chair

Students in the News

  • Ellis Iacono Ellis Iacono ’18 - Ellis Iacono arrived at the University of Rhode Island with the goal of becoming a doctor, and like any curious scientist, he kept his mind open to experiences and discoveries that could broaden his perspective and sharpen his focus.
  • Chelsea Opong-Wadeer Chelsea Opong-Wadeer ’18 - For a budding newspaper reporter, getting a first byline can be a thrill. Chelsea Opong-Wadeer was so excited she framed her debut and hung it on her bedroom wall.

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