Film/Media B.A.


Degree Requirements

120 credits total required for graduation

  • at least 31 credits (maximum 46 credits) must be in the major
  • at least 42 credits must be in courses numbered 300 or above

Required prerequisite for the major: FLM 101 or FLM 101H (Honors section): Introduction to Film/Media

Core courses:

  • FLM 110: Introduction to Film/Media Production Technologies
  • FLM 203: Film Theory, or ENG 302: Topics in Film Theory and Criticism
  • FLM 204: History of Film I (1890s-1950s world cinema), FLM 205: History of Film II (1950s-200s world cinema), or FLM 206: History of Film III (21st-century world cinema)
  • FLM 495: Seminar in Film/Media

Additional courses:

  • At least 6 credits from the production and technique category
  • At least 6 credits from the critical studies category
  • At least 3 elective credits in courses that count toward the film major
    (Please see Curriculum Sheets for specific course options)

Minor Option

The minor in Film/Media requires you to complete 18 credits from courses currently eligible to count toward the major. Please consult with your advisor if you’re interested in declaring a minor.