Communication Studies M.A.

Course Topics

Fall 2018

COM 501: Communication Theory

Instructor: Dr. Leatham

This course provides an overview of theories of interpersonal, group, organizational, rhetorical and media theories. Participants will gain experience in critical evaluation and application of theories as well as practical experience in academic argumentation and writing.

COM 503: Graduate Practicum Teaching Communication Seminar

Instructor: Dr. Kushner

COM 510: Seminar in Interpersonal Communication- Gender and Communication

Instructor: Dr. Ketrow

COM 520: Seminar in Media Studies- Health Communication

Instructor: Dr. Ye

Spring 2019


COM 502: Research Methods in Communication

Instructor: TBA

COM 530: Organizational Communication- Organizational Training and Development

Instructor: Dr. Leatham

Description: This course covers techniques of organizational assessment and training programs for member satisfaction, productivity and communication processes. Grounding theories include systems theory, human resources theory, and transformational leadership. Participants will gain experience in assessment data collection and analysis and training program design and implementation.

COM 540: Public Discourse- The Rhetoric of Race

Instructor: Dr. Quainoo