Director’s Message

Dr. Norbert Mundorf
Dr. Norbert Mundorf, Interim Director, Harrington School

Welcome to one of America’s leading schools of communication and media! As a Harrington School student, you will learn from nationally and internationally acclaimed faculty, and experience our state-of-the art facilities, including our new $6.8 million communication and media hub, ultra-modern, cutting-edge broadcast center, and new and sustainable living and learning community in Hillside Hall. You will have numerous study abroad opportunities and access to some of the most prestigious internships in communication, media and many other industries.  Choose from classes in Communication Studies, Film Media, Public Relations, Sports Media and Communication, Journalism, Writing & Rhetoric, and Library and Information Science.

Harrington School interns and graduates are hired by: ESPN, Disney, CNN, HBO, ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, iHeartMedia, CVS Health, The New York Jets, Boston Bruins, Boston Red Sox, NBA, Whole Foods Magazine, Groupon, Yelp, and Hasbro, just to scratch the surface. Our graduates and interns work in major motion pictures companies, technology giants, major news outlets and media agencies, and virtually every industry that needs communication and media professionals.  Communication and media skills, sustainable thinking, and the ability to tackle complex tasks clearly distinguish Harrington School graduates.

Open your imagination, expand your horizon, and step into a dynamic world where global communication and media leaders pave the way. To find out how you can become one of the nation’s most sought after communication and media interns and graduates, please contact myself, Dr. Norbert Mundorf or Associate Director Dr. Justin Wyatt .

More than an education, we offer you the experience of a lifetime!