The Writing & Rhetoric Minor

The Writing & Rhetoric Minor

Students who declare a minor in Writing & Rhetoric must complete 18 credits from WRT courses at or above the 200-level. 100-level courses and WRT 391 and 392 will not be counted as part of the minor. 

There is no need to declare your minor before taking courses toward it. Simply take the 18 credits and pass them with a 2.0 GPA. Then, at the beginning of your final semester, fill out a “Minor Fields of Study” form, and bring it by the Writing & Rhetoric office for a signature.

Students should take at least one 200-level course. Choices include:

  • WRT 201, Written Argumentative and Persuasive Texts
  • WRT 227, Business Communications
  • WRT 235, Writing in Electronic Environments
  • WRT 270, Writing in the Expressivist Tradition

The remainder of your courses will be taken at the 300- and 400-levels. Options are:

  • WRT 302, Writing Culture
  • WRT 303, Public Writing
  • WRT 304, Writing for Community Service
  • WRT 305, Travel Writing
  • WRT 332, Technical Writing
  • WRT 334, Scientific Writing
  • WRT 333, Scientific and Technical Writing
  • WRT 353, Issues and Methods in Writing Consultancy
  • WRT 360, Composing Processes and the Canons of Rhetoric
  • WRT 383, Field Experience in Writing Consultancy
  • WRT 388, Proposal Writing for Clients
  • WRT 415, Perspectives on Reporting (JOR 415)
  • WRT 435, Teaching Composition
  • WRT 484, Internship in Writing & Rhetoric

Students can apply toward the minor a maximum of 3 credit hours each earned through WRT 383 and WRT 484.