Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

noname Kaitlyn Hayes

In her sophomore year, 2013
From Providence, Rhode Island
Has been dancing for over 13 years
Wrote a semi-finalist script for an anti-tobacco video
Wants to write for a magazine or newspaper one day



Caity CudworthCaity Cudworth

In her senior year, 2013
From Providence, Rhode Island
Was Entertainment Editor of The Good 5 Cent Cigar
Has interviewed and written about several celebrities
Wrote for a PR firm last summer



Nick Rutter Nick Rutter

In his sophomore year, 2010
From Cumberland, Rhode Island
Production Lab Monitor
On Editorial Board of The Good 5 Cent Cigar
Connoisseur of the local music scene



Sara GIlman

Sara Gilman

In her junior year, 2012
From Middletown, Rhode Island
Won the Linda K. Shamoon Scholarship
Loves to travel
Plans to go to graduate school



Shauntel Martin

In her senior year, 2012
From East Providence, Rhode Island
Double major in W&R and History
Double minor in Spanish and Leadership Studies
Wants to work at the United Nations