Writing & Rhetoric Major Requirements

Writing & Rhetoric Major Requirements

Writing & Rhetoric Major

The requirements for the B.A. in Writing and Rhetoric are listed below. Please note that definitive information about majors, requirements, and degree programs is in the URI Course Catalog. Consult the catalog that corresponds to the year you began studies at URI (i.e., your “catalog year”).


Writing and rhetoric majors must complete 30 credits (maximum 51). At least 15 credits for the major must be completed from writing courses numbered 300 or above. Writing and rhetoric majors are strongly encouraged to complete a practicum experience, such as an internship (through the Office of Internships) or a field experience course (WRT383 or WRT385). A maximum of three credits for each of these experiential courses can count towards the major, unless the project substantially changes.

Core and elective courses are listed below.

Core Courses:

The following courses are required for the Writing & Rhetoric major:

  • WRT201: Writing Argumentative and Persuasive Texts
  • WRT235: Writing in Electronic Environments
  • WRT360: Composing Processes and Canons of Rhetoric
    • Prerequisites: WRT201 and another 200+ WRT course
  • WRT490: Writing and Rhetoric (Spring semester only)
  • WRT495: Capstone in Electronic Portfolios

*Note: Acceptable substitutions for WRT490 are WRT435 or 512, or a WRT484 internship.

Some Popular 300-Level Electives:

For a full list of writing course offerings, visit the Course Listings page.

  • WRT302: Writing Culture (4 credits)
  • WRT303: Public Writing (4 credits)
  • WRT304: Writing for Community Service (4 credits)
  • WRT305: Travel Writing (4 credits)
  • WRT306: Writing Health and Disability (3 credits)
  • WRT331: Writing Public Relations (3 credits)
  • WRT332: Technical Writing (3 credits)
  • WRT334: Scientific Writing (3 credits)
  • WRT353: Issues and Methods in Writing Consultancy (3 credits)
  • WRT388: Proposal Writing for Clients (3 credits)