Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Program

Writing & Rhetoric majors at URI work with a nationally-respected faculty who are teacher-scholars, as active in the discipline as they are in their classrooms.

prof_reynoldsAs a Writing & Rhetoric major at URI, you will practice writing in a wide range of settings. Our small classes are designed with active participation in multiple writing situations, from working with real-world clients to composing descriptive informational cards for museum exhibits. You will learn to collect information, conduct research,compose, analyze, and revise texts of many kinds. You will learn how to design brochures and web pages and present visual information effectively.

Throughout the major, you may work alone or with a partner, and/or in teams to produce documents for a number of different audiences. In our exciting elective courses, you will have the opportunity to write for clients in organizations, to work with other writers, and to experiment creatively in many more genres. When you graduate, you will have an electronic portfolio of your work that will showcase your accomplishments and demonstrate your abilities as a professional writer.

In addition to intensive practice with written communication, Writing & Rhetoric majors will explore the discipline’s intellectual challenges. Our core courses probe key questions in rhetoric, balancing practice in the craft of writing with historical, theoretical, and research-based knowledge about writing and its effects on audiences. Writing & Rhetoric majors will develop cutting edge knowledge about writing as a discipline. By the time you graduate, you will have the tools and the confidence to create appropriate responses to almost any situation–in school, at work, throughout the community.

Consider combining your Writing & Rhetoric major with another area of expertise, either as a double-major or as a minor, for even greater flexibility after graduation.