Faculty & Staff Stories

Faculty & Staff Stories

A New Model for Training Graduate Students in Science Communication


Graduate students in the sciences are trained to write for discipline-­specific journals, but they typically receive little instruction in communicating to public and non-­specialist audiences. This lack of practical training persists despite the importance of engaging members of the public in scientific research to support policy decisions and science literacy. Faculty form the Writing and Rhetoric and the College of Environmental and Life Sciences have teamed up to address this gap through a new, National Science Foundation-funded initiative, SciWrite@URI. Through a series of courses, workshops, internships, and the development of a Graduate Science Writing Center, SciWrite@URI builds from a rhetorical foundation to train graduate student scientists in academic and non-academic writing, while supporting faculty in the sciences to incorporate more writing into their courses.

Principal Investigators:

Dr. Ingrid Lofgren, Associate Professor, Nutrition and Food Sciences
Dr. Caroline Gottschalk Druschke, Associate Professor, Writing & Rhetoric and Natural Resources Science
Dr. Nancy Karraker, Assistant Professor, Natural Resources Science
Dr. Scott McWilliams, Professor, Natural Resources Science
Dr. Nedra Reynolds, Professor, Writing & Rhetoric