Career Connections

Career Connections

Career Connections

Writing and Rhetoric Careers

Below are possible careers you could get with a degree in Writing & Rhetoric.

Advertising Manager

Advertising managers create and manage attention-getting campaigns for various organizations. Specialized knowledge of writing, marketing techniques, consumer behavior, sales, communication methods, visual arts, photography and digital media is usually required. If you love the art of persuasion, you might like a career as an advertising manager.

Grant writer

A grant writer helps a company, non-profit organization or government agency get the funding they need to accomplish their goals. Many grant writers specialize in a particular field, such as the environment, education or medicine. If you know how to tell a compelling story and like to work independently under deadline pressure, you may like a career as a grant writer.

Web Editor

A website editor curates and controls content on a website to meet the needs of its owners and users. Magazines, newspapers, and other publications use website editors to maintain editorial standards and provide a steady flow of new content for users. As a web editor, you may help find new writers to generate content. If you love digital media, are good with details, and work well under deadline pressure, you may enjoy a career as a web editor.