Writing & Rhetoric at the University of Rhode Island participates in a wide range of activities. Please explore our links to learn more about each one.

What is Writing & Rhetoric?

  • Writing & Rhetoric is a contemporary field with its ancient roots in intellectual and democratic history.
  • We practice writing with consequences.
  • Writing & Rhetoric is writing that gets things done.

Our Program Is:

  • Interdisciplinary, with half of our students as double-majors
  • Experiential, with opportunities for internships and fieldwork
  • Technology-rich, with hands-on and production-based classes
  • Community-based, with real-world projects growing from issues of local significance

Our Graduate Specialization Is:

  • poster_presentationPraxis-based, emphasizing the interplay between theory and practice
  • Sequenced, with a core curriculum shared by each entering cohort
  • Supportive, with meaningful coursework, professional development, and interaction with faculty
  • Useful, with opportunities for guided practice in scholarship, teaching, and administration