Writing & Rhetoric

Writing & Rhetoric

The Writing That Gets Things Done

The Department of Writing & Rhetoric is a particularly exciting place to be. The Writing half of our name emphasizes the finer points of process, craft, and delivery, offering multiple opportunities for practice, feedback, and guidance. The Rhetoric half stresses the always situational and often public nature of our work, be it professional, academic, or technical. Together, Writing & Rhetoric is writing that gets things done: it is writing with consequences. In all that we do – our teaching and learning, our research and scholarship, our outreach and service – we balance these two important elements. Join us. We look forward to working with you.

Attention All Majors!

The Linda K. Shamoon Scholarship for Public Writing is awarded annually in the spring to a student who has successfully engaged the public through a writing project. The amount of the award varies, but past winners have received $300. Faculty nominate students for their outstanding work in public writing. While those who complete WRT303 (Public Writing) are automatically good candidates for this award, it can also be awarded to students in other courses who meet the below criteria.

“An award for a sophomore or junior who is committed to public writing/community action and who has a deep understanding of rhetoric as a social good. This student will have demonstrated a willingness to go outside of the classroom and use his or her writing to change actual rules, ordinances, or laws.” 

Featured Course Offer!

WRT353: Issues and Methods in Writing Consultancy
This course trains undergrads, from as many departments or majors as possible, to be tutors or consultants. Those with a B+ or higher are eligible to tutor in the Writing Center for pay.  a section of WRT353 is open for enrollment during the J-Term, 2017!