Please be aware of specific details regarding curriculum

Students admitted to URI as of SEPTEMBER 2014 will follow the new curriculum worksheet:

Public Relations Major Worksheet

Public Relations majors enrolled at URI prior to SEPTEMBER 2014 follow the below curriculum worksheet:

Public Relations Major Worksheet

Overview: (Please refer to the Major Worksheets above)

Effective September, 2014:  To major in Public Relations, students will complete six (6) credits of pre-major courses, eighteen (18) credits of required courses and 12 credits of electives (a total of 36 credit hours for the major).

To major in Public Relations, eligible students apply to the program. Applications are accepted annually in February. Applicants must have a minimum QPA of 2.5 overall and 2.5 in the pre-major courses.

For application information, contact the Public Relations advisor, Regina Bell (

Pre-major Courses:

Effective September, 2014:  Complete (or be in the process of completing or have a demonstrated plan to complete) the following courses before applying to the Major.

  • COM 202 Public Speaking (pre-req: COM 100)
  • PRS100:  Introduction to Public Relations

Required Courses:

Enroll in these courses once accepted as a Public Relations Major.

  • WRT 331 Public Relations Writing (pre-req: 200 level Writing course)
  • PRS 340 Public Relations (taught only in the Fall)
  • PRS 441 Public Relations Practices (taught only in the Spring; pre-req: PRS 340)
  • PRS 491 Public Relations Internship (pre-req: PRS340)
  • COM381 Research Methods (pre-req: COM202, Junior Standing)
  • JOR 341 Editing for Publication I (pre-req: WRT331 with a C or better)

Elective courses:

Majors must complete six elective courses, with at least one course from each category.

Writing Specialty

  • JOR321: Feature Writing
  • WRT 201: Writing Argumentative & Persuasive Texts
  • WRT 235: Writing in Electronic Environments
  • WRT 302: Writing Cultures
  • WRT 303: Public Writing
  • WRT 304: Writing for Community Service
  • WRT 333: Scientific/Technical Writing


  • BUS 365: Marketing Principles
  • BUS465: Marketing Comm.
  • BUS468: Global Marketing
  • ART204: Digital Art and Design I


  • COM302: Advanced Public Speaking
  • COM351: Comm for Bus.
  • COM415: Ethics of Persuasion
  • COM416: Propaganda
  • COM450: Organizational Communication
  • COM445: Media  Advertising
  • COM454: TV Advertising


  • COM415: Ethics of Persuasion
  • JOR442: Editing
  • JOR410: Media Issues
  • PSY335: Social Behavior
  • PRS200: Intro to Event Management
  • PRS300: Social Media Strategies for the PR Professional
  • PRS442: Strategic Media Communication

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