Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials

Student internship experiences, in their own words…

2012-2013 Academic Year:

“My internship was very effective in teaching me about how the radio broadcasting industry functions.  I learned the “ins and outs” of every aspect from sales and marketing to promotions and advertising to live shows.  The internship taught me how to act in a professional manner around celebrities, research in depth, create effective marketing campaigns, design advertisements and most of all made significant efforts to becoming a well-rounded employee.”

                                          Hilary Dillon

Providence Cumulus Media

“My most significant accomplishment as an intern was my knowledge of Google Analytics, which I learned in PRS300:  Social Media Strategies for the PR Professional.  Google Analytics measures the traffic on a website.  I was able to install this tool on the company website.  From there, I measured the traffic rate.”

 Lauren Mazzola

Matty Fund

“The one compelling point I learned from this internship is the importance of concise and accurate writing, along with strong verbal skills.  I kept the “six foot rule” in mind throughout my internship at BABC and have lived by the saying “a conversation today could be a job tomorrow”.  One concept discussed in class came to life in my internship: the tie in.  I utilized a tie-in approach to enhance the image of the organization.  Applying skills at work learned from the classroom do not go unnoticed and is by far the most compelling point that enlightened me during my internship”.

Michael Minahan

Boston Amateur Basketball Club

2011-2012 Academic Year:

“I interned with Heartland Payment Systems,the nation’s fifth largest payment processor for credit card processing. One compelling point I learned in this internship is that card processing is a lot more than just the swipe of a card. Without customer satisfaction, nothing is possible. In order for them to be content, the merchant needs to provide them with safe and secure technology at a low cost. I would recommend this internship to any marketing or public relations major for the amount of knowledge and experience you gain. The experience gained will help one grow as a person and possibly could even spark interest for a future endeavor”.

      Kelsey O’Connor, Heartland Payment Systems

“I think my internship experience was extremely effective. The team I worked with was amazing, and they really showed an interest in teaching me about their jobs. They always encouraged me to ask questions. This experience has shown me that I definitely want to pursue a career in Public Relations for healthcare. One compelling point I learned as a result of this internship was how important networking is. Since day one of taking public relations courses, the idea of networking has been drilled into our minds. However, it is impossible to understand how crucial it is until one observes networking in real-life situations. Seeing networking skills in action really opened my eyes to how important it really is”.

Katie Boutin
Health Alliance Hospital

“I’m taking everything I learned from this internship with me back to school and to future internships. I think this internship changed the way I view the world and the media. I am more cautious and observant of my surroundings, as well as what I put out on the Internet”.

Gabrelle Dioguardi
Ruby Media Group

“My role during my summer internship with Performer Magazine was to write live reviews on local bands performing in Los Angeles. I wrote live reviews for the majority of the time and also wrote a CD review which was published in Performer Magazine’s print magazine. I had deadlines that I had to meet, and I met them. I learned to “write tight” because each review could only be 250-300 words.

I think my internship was more difficulty than the typical internship. I was completely on my own and had to be organized. The responsibility to produce was on my shoulders”.

Jillian Dennis-Skillings
Performer Magazine

“I learned about the sales and event planning aspects of Belle Mer and Longwood Events from contracts to organizing vendor agreements to making the timeline for the actual event. I went into this internship looking at it as a learning experience and a good way for me to learn more about the industry to see if it is the right fit for me. This internship has gone above and beyond my expectations”.

Ashley Cordisco
Longwood Events Belle Mer