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Career Connections

Career Connections

Public Relations Careers

Below are possible careers you could get with a degree in Public Relations.

Account Manager

A public relations account manager helps their clients maintain a good image whether on television, in the newspapers, or on the Internet. Any time criticism against a company arises, the account manager gets to work repairing the organization’s name and reputation. If you have a positive attitude and like solving problems, you might like being an account manager.

Event Manager

Planning a formal gathering of any kind takes a lot of work but it’s so satisfying when the event is a big success. Event managers work with clients to manage all aspects of an event, from securing a location, financial details, determine the minute-by-minute structure, and marketing the event, If you are detail-oriented and like public speaking, you might like being an event manager.

Social Media Marketing Specialist

If you’re online all the time, you can have a career using your digital media and writing skills as a social media marketing specialist. You may be responsible for maintaining company blogs and forums, keeping visitors coming to the site, and moderating conversation to make sure nothing libelous or insulting is being said. If you know how to create online buzz using tools like Twitter and Facebook, you might like to be a social media marketing specialist.