Scheduling an advising appointment is easy. Click on e-campus to schedule an appointment with me – Regina Bell ( I am glad to help you formulate your schedule. Always glad to chat with you about your questions and concerns.

Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

*How do I schedule an appointment with my academic advisor?  Students schedule an appointment online through University College with Regina Bell.  She can also be reached by e-mail at

*When do I apply to the Public Relations Program?  Most student apply to the Public Relations Program during their Sophomore year.  Routinely, student complete the pre-major courses during the first semester of Sophomore year.  It is acceptable to be enrolled in the pre-major courses when a student submit their application.

*If I apply to the Public Relations Program later than my Sophomore year, will I graduate on time?  Some students apply to the Public Relations Program when a Junior.  Their graduation date may be altered resulting in a later graduation.  However, many students do fulfill the requirements within the four year.  The key to success is proper planning in an advising meeting to ensure all requirements are fulfilled.

*When do I submit my application?  The annual application process occurs in the month of February.  Students will download the application from this website and submit it to Regina Bell by the deadline indicated on the application.

*How do students find an internship?  Students are encouraged to review the numerous agencies listed in the Internship page as one way to identify a possible internship opportunity.  Most students secure an internship as a result of networking with their peers.  Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor if they are experiencing difficulty securing an internship.

*Where have Public Relations students interned?  Public Relations students continue to experience meaningful, fulfilling internship experiences often resulting in full-time employment following graduation from the University.    Employers who have hired our Public Relations students as a result of their internship:  Citizens Bank; (add)ventures; CVS; Rhode Island Attorney General’s Office; Duffy & Shanley; South County Hospital; Hasbro; Rhode Island Monthly, Yankee Stadium.

*Is it possible to double major?  Absolutely.  Many Public Relations students double major in one of the following options;  Writing;  Journalism;  Communication Studies and Political Science.  The Public Relations Program is designed to afford students the flexibility to efficiently manage a double major.    The option to minor in another discipline is always encouraged.  Students tend to minor in Writing; Textile Merchandising & Design and/or Communication Studies, to name a few.