Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Mission StatementEngagement.  Innovation.  Creativity.  Thinking Big.  Taking Risks.  Respect.

A positive learning environment where we, students and instructor, enter a world of discovery based on facts discovered during investigation, lecture, discussion and reflection (not necessarily in that order). Students are encouraged to explore and question controversial topics and to question the accepted norm. Students are encouraged to challenge the instructors and their peers using a polite and thoughtful approach.

The goal: create critical thinkers reluctant to embrace mediocrity. At the same time, we insist upon an environment painted with tones emulating compassion for each other, patience, integrity in all that we do and respect for each other and the planet. We – students and faculty – are charged with contributing to the success of our world by immersing ourselves in initiatives with local and global impact.

To me, the classroom is the launch pad for a student’s career. Students are charged with getting “career ready” by looking well beyond topics in the textbook and designing a path to lead to a successful career. To me, learning is ongoing – well beyond the classroom walls. I encourage students to capture and enjoy learning moments both in and out of the classroom. All are welcome to contribute to these learning moments. Chart your course to be a competitive player in today’s global economy.

I look forward to collaborating with you!