094Our PR Program is always evolving, just like the PR industry.

As the public relations career path continues to evolve, so does the Public Relations Program at the Harrington School of Communication & Media. Students can expect to enroll in courses allowing them to develop and enhance their writing and critical thinking skills.

At the same time, we at the Harrington School of Communication & Media recognize the pervasive influence of social media in our lives and your future career.

Within the last two years, two courses have been added to the Public Relations Program specifically designed to prepare students to effectively integrate social media in their careers. We are proud to offer PRS300: Social Media Strategies and Tactics for the PR Professional and PRS442: Strategic Media Communication. Students enrolling in these courses will be immersed in the intricacies of social media particularly with respect to measuring the success of effective use of social media.

The Public Relations Program will continue to evolve to effectively prepare students for the competitive demands of the global landscape. We look forward to your input as we continue to shape the Public Relations Program.