Journalism majors, under university standards, must earn 120 total credits to graduate, broken down as follows:

  • Journalism courses account for a minimum of 31 (and a maximum of 45) of those credits
  • General Education courses account for another 34 to 40 credits
  • The remaining credits are in elective courses in whatever disciplines you choose

Two other graduation requirements are that:

  • 42 of your 120 credits must be courses numbered 300 and above
  • Your grade point average must be at least 2.00

Because URI Journalism majors earn  a liberal arts degree, students do about 75 percent of their course work in areas outside of journalism. We believe the best undergraduate preparation for journalism requires breadth of knowledge, so we encourage majors to take as many courses in disciplines outside of the major as possible and we discourage you from taking more than 36 credits in journalism. Some students choose a second major to complement Journalism or to fulfill personal interests or carer goals. We encourage students to have a minor field of study, which generally requires 18 credits and could become an area of specialty for you as a reporter.

As the Journalism Major’s Worksheet indicates, all Journalism majors must complete the following courses: Jor 115, 220, 221, 310, 410 and 411. The 411 class is a one-credit Senior Portfolio course. See the link below to Senior Porfolio.

Journalism majors must also complete three skills (reporting and/or editing) courses and one conceptual course. Those requirements comprise 28 of the 31 credits required for the Journalism degree. Your last three credits can be any skills or conceptual course you have not taken, or you can do an internship or an independent study as your 10th 3-credit Journalism course.

Journalism Major’s Curriculum Worksheet

Download the worksheet based on the year you entered URI:

Senior Portfolio

Journalism majors are required to pass JOR 411, the Senior Portfolio. The course will be taken concurrently with JOR 410, typically in the spring semester of the year you graduate. JOR 411 is designed to provide you the structured format in which you will select, review and reflect on examples of your work for a Senior Portfolio that you will present formally to the faculty.

Download the Journalism Major Portfolio Requirement and Wix Tutorial information sheets.