The opportunity to learn on the job has become more and more important for college undergraduates, and the Journalism Department is committed to providing such opportunities to our majors. Each year, upper level Journalism majors do internships at newspapers, radio and television stations, and news websites. Over the years some of our students have won competitive internships at prestigious news outlets in various parts of the country including New York and California.

Some students do internships during the fall or spring semesters at daily and weekly newspapers in Rhode Island, radio and TV stations in the state, and occasionally at locations in nearby Massachusetts and Connecticut. We have had students do internships at all three Rhode Island TV stations, at just about every newspaper in the state and at WBZ and WHDH television in Boston as well as at Boston radio stations.

Many students who live in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and the New England states have done internships during their summer break in their hometowns at newspapers, TV stations, radio stations and, on occasion, at television networks such as CNN.

The Department requires that students doing internships for academic credit have to complete at least two reporting courses prior to doing the internship. We do allow Journalism majors to do internships before they have taken such courses, but not for academic credit.

Any current Journalism majors interested in doing an internship should consult first with their faculty adviser to make certain they qualify and to discuss their options.

To learn everything you need to know about earning academic credit for Internships, please see our Getting an Internship page. Also, visit the Center for Career & Experiential Education website and click on “Internships.”

ITR 302/304

• 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher
• Minimum 60 credits prior to internship
• Available free elective credit
• Good academic and social standing
• Earn between 6 and 15 free elective credits
• ITR 302 (field experience) 3-12 credits (S/U Only)
• ITR 304 (seminar) 3 credits (Graded)
• Seminar offered online and in class (in class -
spring only)
Center for Career & Experiential Education
Kat Moniz, Internship Advisor