Employment & Career

Employment & Career

Students who pursue a degree in Journalism acquire skills that prepare them not just for careers as reporters or editors but for all sorts of work that requires strong writing and communication skills as well as multi-media content production skills. While most Journalism majors are planning for careers as reporters and writers for newspapers, online news sites, magazines or television stations,  they sometimes choose careers that take them from those paths including public relations agents, advertising agents, marketing and promotion agents, photographers, filmmakers, film editors, business managers and communications directors, book editors, proofreaders, researchers and many more. With multi-media skills, you can pursue careers in audio and video production, web design and content production, radio and TV production, publishing and more.  Some Journalism majors choose to go to law school, for which the communication and research skills honed in Journalism classes are a great advantage.


Famous TV Journalists who graduated from URI

  • Christiane Amanpour: Distinguished CNN and ABC News anchor, graduated summa cum laude from the Journalism program at URI and is now a Harrington School Executive Advisory Board member.
  • John King: Chief National Correspondent for CNN and one of the world’s most watched and influential broadcasters. King graduated from URI’s journalism program in 1985 and serves on the Harrington School Executive Advisory Board.

Students who obtain a degree in Journalism have many occupational options because of the skills they acquire through the study of journalism. Below are a few of our successfully employed Harrington School grads who are applying what they learned in the classroom to their professional careers:

Elizabeth Vinci, 2013
Major: Journalism
Minor: Women’s Studies
Organization Name: Southern Rhode Island Newspapers
Location: Wakefield, RI
Title: Sports Reporter

Matt Berthod, 2013
Major: Journalism
Organization Name: ESPN
Location: Bristol, CT
Title: Production Assistant

Lindsay Iadeluca, 2013
Major: Journalism and Communication Studies
Organization Name: WGGB-ABC40
Location: Springfield, MA
Title: Anchor/Reporter

Joshua Aromin, 2012
Major: Journalism
Organization Name: Rhode Island Monthly
Location: Providence, RI
Title: Associate Editor, Special Publications and Digital Media Coordinator

Brenna McCabe, 2009
Major: Journalism
Organization Name: State of Rhode Island (General Assembly)
Location: Providence, RI
Title: Publicist

John Cuoco, 2008
Major: Journalism
Organization Name: WDJT CBS 58 Milwaukee
Location: Milwaukee
Title: Reporter

Steve Greenwell, 2007
Major: Journalism
Organization Name: The South County Independent
Location: South Kingstown, RI
Title: Staff Reporter

Meaghan Wims, 2002
Major: Journalism and Political Science
Organization Name: Duffy & Shanley
Location: Providence, RI
Title: Public Relations Account Supervisor

Here is a list of some of the many occupational options available to Journalism students:

  • News Reporter
  • Sports Reporter
  • Feature article writer
  • Reporting Specialist
    • Arts Writer/Reviewer
    • Business Writer
    • Science Writer
    • Health and Medical Writer
    • Investigative Reporter
    • Copy Editor
  • Newspaper Editor
  • News Website Editor
  • Magazine Writer
  • Magazine Editor
  • Magazine Researcher
  • Magazine Fact-Checker
  • Book Editor
  • Photojournalist
  • Videographer
  • Broadcast Journalism
    • News Anchor
    • News Reporter
    • Sorts Reporter
    • Traffic Reporter
    • Weather Reporter
    • Production Crew
  • TV Content Producer
  • Advertising Copywriter
  • Grant Writer
  • Newsletter Writer/Editor
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • College Sports Information Director
  • Technical Writer
  • Marketing Copy Writer
  • Social Media Director
  • Digital Media Content Producer
  • Freelance Writer
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Technical Writer

People with journalistic skills can work in many other areas not directly associated with media. Some of our graduates have become lawyers, school teachers, college professors, business entrepreneurs, human resources executives and success stories in many other fields. In each case, the communication, writing, multi-media, research and managerial skills learned in a Journalism program form the foundation of their success.