Career Connections

Career Connections

Nancy LavinStudents who pursue a degree in Journalism acquire skills that prepare them not just for careers as reporters or editors but for all sorts of work that requires strong writing and communication skills as well as multi-media content production skills. While most Journalism majors are planning for careers as reporters and writers for newspapers, online news sites, magazines or television stations,  they sometimes choose careers that take them from those paths including public relations agents, advertising agents, marketing and promotion agents, photographers, filmmakers, film editors, business managers and communications directors, book editors, proofreaders, researchers and many more. With multi-media skills, you can pursue careers in audio and video production, web design and content production, radio and TV production, publishing and more.  Some Journalism majors choose to go to law school, for which the communication and research skills honed in Journalism classes are a great advantage.

As a Journalism major, you might choose to become a:



Reporters are passionate about the “who, what, where, when, why and how” of news and current events. In a constantly-changing world, reporters must be able to talk to people from many walks of life, find story ideas in obvious and not so obvious places, and be flexible, resilient and able to work fast under tight deadlines. Journalism majors at URI have gone on to jobs as news reporters, sports reporters, specialists in science and environmental reporting, education reporters and more. Many have also advanced to editing positions at newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations, networks and Internet news sites.

Assignment Editor

A career in broadcast news often starts with a position as an assignment editor. This person works at the center of a TV or radio newsroom or at a news website. Choosing which reporter to assign to a developing news story requires someone with terrific leadership skills who also works well under pressure. If you get an adrenaline rush from breaking news and like being in the center of the action, you might enjoy being an assignment editor.

Web Producer

A web producer helps attract audiences to web pages by deciding how content is presented. Some web producers may have graphic design, marketing, or digital technology skills, while others may be more heavily involved in the writing and the creation of content. If you love the Internet, writing and graphic design, you might enjoy being a web producer.

These are just a few of the options open to someone with a degree in Journalism. We advise you to explore all the possibilities as an undergrad through internships and other learning experiences. You will also have chances to meet professionals in the field during your tenure as a student here. You can and should discuss all this with your faculty advisers as you make your way through the Journalism curriculum.