Meet the Department Chair

Meet the Department Chair

Meet the Department Chair

Pantalone, John

Associate Professor of Journalism/Department Chair

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Welcome to the Department of Journalism. This is a period in American journalism that tests all of our abilities to adjust to new ways of doing things. We are committed to helping our students learn about new technologies and new media forms so that they become the kind of versatile reporters required in the new media environment. Journalism majors today don’t have the same experience I had as an undergraduate over 40 years ago. I learned to write stories for newspapers on a manual typewriter, and I had to make adjustments as technology changed over the decades. But my changes were still all about producing interesting, accurate, truthful stories for newspapers and magazines. Today’s Journalism majors must have multi-faceted skills no matter which direction they choose: print, TV, radio or online. Still, the foundation that allows you to produce interesting content remains the same: clear, concise, honest storytelling.

Being a journalist is an adventure, and you can make of it what you want. You’ll meet interesting people, go to interesting places, learn interesting new things about new subjects, and rarely have a dull moment. This is what sets journalism apart from many other vocations. Here at URI in the Harrington School, we try to inspire you to be that multi-faceted journalist who is capable of writing or telling stories about just about any subject from government to sports, business to art, crime to music, climate change to fashion change.

We’d love to have you join us on this journey.


John Pantalone