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Career Connections

Career Connections

Film/Media Careers

Below are possible careers you could get with a degree in Film/Media.


The producer is the “idea” person behind a media production. Finding out about issues, considering what the audience needs, gathering information, working with people, coordinating resources, and keeping the whole project on track – it’s a job that’s never boring or routine. If you are creative, love learning new things, and like being a leader you might enjoy being a producer.


The cinematographer is responsible for the look and feel of a media production. Finding ways to shoot a particular scene to evoke just the right feeling or emotion takes lots of creativity and substantial mastery of technical skills involving cameras, sound and lighting. If you’re a visual thinker you might enjoy being a cinematographer.

Video Editor

The video editor is responsible for the the last stage of a production, putting everything together. Video editing requires creativity, patience, precision and the ability to work well under deadline pressure. If you’re someone who loves puzzles and creating art you might enjoy being a video editor.