As part of the Harrington School of Communication & Media, Film/Media is an interdisciplinary program offering hands-on experience in documentary, experimental, and new media production, balanced with an emphasis on international cinemas, film/media history, criticism and theory. Students either major in Film/Media to work towards a BA or can minor in Film/Media.

Our curriculum reflects the dynamic and diverse nature of this field, approached from a perspective of film history and media theory. Students learn to work with the evolving and overlapping technologies involved in the production of moving images, (including film, digital video, 3D animation, game design, and new media), with an understanding of the broadening and globalization of their cultural and aesthetic contexts.

A wide range of courses is available to the Film/Media student—courses that examine the historical, theoretical and global approaches to the analysis and creation of moving images.

The Film/Media Program prepares students for careers in such areas as: independent filmmaking; animation & media design; film and television industries; advertising, marketing and public relations; and media criticism. Graduates of this program are also prepared to continue with graduate studies, in either film & media production for an MFA, or in a master’s or doctoral program in film & media studies.

Mission Statement: In the Film/Media program, we believe the most relevant media-makers have a deep understanding of film history, theory & criticism and the best media scholars should engage in the production of media. For Film/Media students, production and critical studies are intertwined in a single process of developing a meaningful vision and grasping the social and cultural import of moving images.