Special Topics

Special Topics


COM 310.0001 – Contemporary Oral Communication: Commercials, Docs and Social Media for the Web

Instructor, Mary Healey-Jamiel

Course focuses on creating media content for the web, including commercials, short documentaries for use in social media channels and other web distribution outlets. No previous film-making experience is required.               Pre: Junior standing in a degree granting college or permission of instructor.


COM310.0002 – Contemporary Oral Communication: The Rhetoric of Music: Songs of Social Justice

Instructor, Dr. Stephen Wood

The rhetoric of music is an in-depth exploration of the ways music, particularly non-mainstream music, functions as a rhetorical agent.  Specifically, the ways in which political and collective social experience are shaped, influenced, inspired, driven, reinforced or mobilized through music will be studied and illustrated through a series of lectures and screenings about key musical rhetorical agents. The class will feature readings on rhetorical theory as applied to music and audio/video recordings selected to challenge the student’s understanding and knowledge. Pre: junior standing in a degree-granting college or permission of instructor.


COM310.0004-  Interpersonal Com & Social Media/Technology

Instructor, Professor Tracy Proulx

The integration of social media and technology in relationships and society is inevitable.  This course will explore the influence of technology and social media on relationships, communication, perception, identity and societal changes.