Special Topics

Special Topics


COM310.0001 – Contemporary Oral Communication: The Rhetoric of Music: Songs of Social Justice

Instructor, Dr. Stephen Wood

The rhetoric of music is an in-depth exploration of the ways music, particularly non-mainstream music, functions as a rhetorical agent.  Specifically, the ways in which political and collective social experience are shaped, influenced, inspired, driven, reinforced or mobilized through music will be studied and illustrated through a series of lectures and screenings about key musical rhetorical agents. The class will feature readings on rhetorical theory as applied to music and audio/video recordings selected to challenge the student’s understanding and knowledge. Pre: junior standing in a degree-granting college or permission of instructor.

COM310.0002 & .0003– Contemporary Oral Communication: The Rhetoric of Hate Speech

Instructor, Dr. Daniel Munksgaard

This course is a detailed examination of hate speech – that is, communication that disparages a person or group on the basis of some group-based characteristic (race, gender, religion, sexuality, etc.). Students will examine the rhetorical, cultural, and legal history of both organized hate speech and more subtle manifestations in popular culture.  While most of the focus will be on American and European hate groups, attention will also be given to manifestations in Rwanda, Japan, the Middle East. Readings will include primary as well as secondary sources, so students should be prepared to encounter some offensive material over the course of the semester.

COM310.0004- Contemporary Oral Communication:  Social Media & Health Communication

Instructor, Dr. Yinjiao Ye

Description: This course explores foundational health communication theories and various social media forms and then examines how social media influences health communication in various contexts, including patient-to-patient, healthcare professional-to-patient, and healthcare organization-to-patient communication.  In addition, it examines specifically various cases of using social media for health promotion and explores how to evaluate and assess the effectiveness of using social media in health promotion.


COM310.0005-  Interpersonal Com & Social Media/Technology

Instructor, Professor Tracy Proulx

The integration of social media and technology in relationships and society is inevitable.  This course will explore the influence of technology and social media on relationships, communication, perception, identity and societal changes.


COM310.0200- Cultural Identity & Media

Instructor, Professor Michelle LeBrun

Using critical sources and media investigation this course will define culture, local and global.  Through a process of critical inquiry it will guide students in the process of identifying and utilizing media and resources within the diverse communities they affiliated with.  Using a variety of documentary methods, social media and media literacy practices, we will investigate loci of identity both personal and cultural and will take this learning into creating short videos of timely cultural issues as defined by students in the class.


COM410.0001- Advanced Topics In Communication Studies: Advanced Audio Communication

Instructor, Dr. Ian Reyes

This course focuses on advanced technical instruction and ear training for students already experienced with audio media processes. Topics will primarily concern digital, in-the-box techniques necessary for professional recording, mixing and mastering. Instructor permission required.