Career Connections

Career Connections

Career Connections

Communication Careers

Below are possible careers you could get with a degree in Communication Studies.

Sales and Marketing

A sales and marketing specialist develops and implements programs to increase the growth and development of a company. Sales and marketing specialists have outstanding oral and written communication skills and often get paid commissions so the more success they have, the more money they make. If you like the combination of competition and collaboration that comes from being part of a team, you might like a career in sales and marketing.

Human Resources

A human resources specialist manages all aspects of employees in an organization. Some responsibilities may include hiring or training new employees, managing compensation and benefits, handling employee concerns and disputes, or improving company policies. If you have great people skills and enjoy resolving conflict, you might like a career in human resources.

Customer Service Specialist

A customer service specialist represents a company while communicating with its customers, whether face-to-face, over the telephone, or online. You might provide support for the company’s products and services, take order requests, answer questions, resolve complaints, or even make sales. If you love people and helping others, you might like being a customer service specialist.